So you are thinking about coming to Chicago. Yay!
Are you thinking about renting a care?
Forget about it!
Parking and traffic downtown can be a nightmare, but never fear my friends because it is easy and fun to get around downtown.
Numero uno, the L. This thing goes all around Chicago.
It’s only $2.25 per ride — even cheaper if you get a pass.
Google Maps knows of the public transit stops so just type in your destination and Google will tell you which line to take and where to get off.
Oh! This is my stop.
These puppies work on the CTA buses too and they go all around the city to the main attractions, but I say don’t even bother with the buses.
They are kind of tricky to navigate.
You might as well just use Uber.
Uber and Via are game-changers people!
You can order a car straight through the app and watch as the driver comes right to you.
It’s significantly cheaper than a taxi.
The Via app gets you a black car.
You fancy, huh?
It takes you around Chicago for a flat fee.
Right now it’s $3.95 per ride.
The Chicago Water Taxi makes some great stops like right along the new Riverwalk.
Also, Michigan Ave, train station even to China Town.
An all-day pass will cost you $8.
Not a bad way to get around and see some beautiful sights.
Another beautiful way to get around the city is by bike.
You can pick up one of these Divvy bikes at stops throughout the city.
An all-day Divvy
pass will cost you about $10.

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