When you’re taking a trip, planning for photography

sometimes takes a backseat, But taking road trip photos is a great way to create content while making memories.
We went to Joshua Tree and Big Bear a couple of months ago to shoot a wedding, and we wanted to show you how we upgraded our road trip photos with these five tips.
Tip 1: Shoot with what you have.

We shot with DSLR’s, smart phones, and our Instax cameras.
We wanted to capture our roadtrip in a nostalgic way, so we used apps like Visco and HUJI to apply a disposable camera feel to our phone photos.
Phone cameras use wide-angle lenses, which is great for travel photos, so chuck your camera for your phone when you wanna pack light.
Tip 2: Interact with your environment.
Save the ‘stiff standing and posing’ for your prom photos and get comfortable getting close, running through, taking a seat, and soaking in your surroundings.
Don’t feel like you constantly have to smile.
Viewers will stop and linger at a photo when they feel like there’s a deeper story to tell.
Tip 3: Exaggerate your shots.
Get a low angle to accentuate wistfulness or epic backdrops.
Go higher to create vulnerability or cut out the sky.
Get weird with poses. Even if the shots aren’t keepers, going out of your comfort zone will land you more memorable images.
Tip 4: Capture moments and emotions.
There are a million nice photos of sunsets and cool views. But capturing the feeling of being there
will always be unique to wherever you shoot.
Shooting moments like your downtime, or emotions like the feeling of dry desert heat on your skin will always tell the viewer more than just that you were there.
Tip 5: When in doubt, plan it out!
It may seem counterintuitive to plan out spontaneous road trip photos, but we’re big fans of Pinterest for creating mood boards for our shoots and trips.
It gives us the hashtag vibes for where we’re headed and reminds us to interact with where we are.
So to recap: shoot with what you have, interact with your environment, exaggerate your shots, capture moments and emotions, and plan it out.

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